For momma and baby bears

Focused in the care of expectant mothers,

new mothers and their babies. 

 At Momma Bear Chiropractic, we understand the need for a happy and healthy family. 

What is Chiropractic? 

Keeping everyone in the family healthy

Every muscle, tissue, organ and system within our bodies are controlled by the nervous system. The nervous system is the communication highway between the body and the brain and is protected within the bones of our skull and the bones of our spine. It is through this system that we live life!

When the spine begins to misalign due to various stressors like trauma, thoughts or toxins, an interference begins to occur within this communication highway and this often leads to decreased health and function that eventually shows up physical discomfort, emotional changes or general lack of well being.

Rather than focusing on symptoms such as headaches, indigestion, irritability, brain fog or the like, Dr. Jenny gets to the root of the issue and addresses it with gentle chiropractic adjustments, using one of the 7 techniques Dr. Jenny knows.

Chiropractic care is safe for pregnancy and newborns. Come see for yourself!

Pediatric Care

"Why didn't I do this earlier?"

We hear this from moms again and again after they have brought their baby cubs for an adjustment. 

Many babies come to us because they are healthy and want to stay that way while going through immune challenges, teething and growth spurts. Others come to us as they are struggling with gas, constipation, bed wetting, digestion issues and even sensory processing issues.

With safe and gentle adjustments, your family's improved health can be right around the corner!

Prenatal Care

You are pregnant! Congratulations! Your body is going through so many amazing anatomical changes, but as a first time Mom, you might not be used to these changes. Weight gain, nausea, brain fog and digestive issues are all real. You may start to experience difficulty sleeping, acid reflux, pain at the bottom of your belly, difficulty standing for long periods of time or pain in your bum that may radiate down your leg. This is where prenatal chiropractic comes in!

Dr. Jenny is certified in the Webster Technique, and has trained with some of the best in our profession and extensive clinical knowledge. Rest assured, you are in the right place.

Our nervous system controls everything we do in the body. Having a balanced pelvis and functioning nervous system often leads to better function and results in a healthier pregnancy, a safer labor and better resilience in the fourth trimester.

Family Care

We know you have busy lives and hectic schedules. We recognize the importance of your families health and of having a health care team that assists you with prevention at reasonable prices and at hours that do not conflict with work or school.  

Momma Bear has heard you and is here to assist. We offer hours later in the evenings, because we get it! Work, household, food shopping, nap schedules, cooking and cleaning and that's all before mid-day!

 Dr. Jenny Lane, Owner

Webster Technique Certified & Palmer College of Chiropractic Graduate