"When I first started seeing Dr. Jenny, I thought I was nearing the end of a seven year quest to regain my health. I had seen multiple health care providers including Doctors, Naturopaths, Chiropractors, Nutritionists, Herbalists and others in trying to understand what was going on in my body. I had become extremely conscious of my diet, exercise, mental and emotional state and worked every single day at it. I had restored a lot of my health and thought it would be a nice perk to get adjusted by Dr. Jenny. I had NO idea how crucial her care would be to my health and how much she would change me and my family's lives. After all the medical care I had received, she was the first to really address the ROOT of my health issues."

"Dr. Jenny is one of the most extraordinary people I know. Her intuition, care and concern she shows for her patients are unparalleled. When my kids and I came to our first appointment, I was blown away by her ability to perceive our needs and connect with each of us. My children immediately loved her and felt at ease with her. She actually TRULY listened to our concerns without pushing her own agenda. I had never been given so many answers in just one appointment! When I got up from the first adjustment, I have never felt such a dramatic difference in my body. The rejuvenation I felt within my body was indescribable!"

"Since the first visit, every appointment since has been an absolute pleasure for me. I look forward to not just the adjustment, but the time I get to spend with such a caring and cool individual. For the first time, I felt I wasn't alone in my journey to find health and wholeness."

"She has brought joy, strength, meaning, purpose and love to my family's lives. She reminds me what life is all about." J.G.

"I can't believe it! My (infant) son feels so different!! I didn't realize how tense he was when I would hold him. Before he always had his legs curled up underneath him when I would burp him, now he is so relaxed! And his legs are so long! So amazing! He seems much more comfortable. His latch seems a little better but we definitely have more work to do. Looking forward to him seeing you again next week. He hasn't spat up since you adjusted him though! Which is great! Thank you thank you! I'm amazed how chiropractic care actually works! I love it!" A.B.

"My husband and I couldn't conceive for a few years. I am now 6 weeks pregnant and the only thing that changed is that I had 4 weeks of chiropractic and he had 2 weeks before we conceived our first child!" H.V.

"If it weren't for Dr. Jenny's care, I don't think my wife would've successfully made it through her pregnancy to term with our twin babies." C.F.