Momma Bear Chiropractic Services

New Patients

New Patient Exam, Consultation and Adjustment:


Second Family Member New Patient Exam     


Pay As You Go

Adult Drop-In Visit


Child (under age 7) Drop-In Visit


Family or Individual Care Plans

4 visits/month (person or family):


8 visits/month (person or family):


12 visits/month (person or family):


16 visits/month (person or family):


Family Care Plans

Big Family? Little Family?

Regardless of family size, we make chiropractic care affordable for all family members. We have discount packages for all of your family needs. Speak with our office for details.

Dr. Jenny's Love List

A few of the Doc's favorite items

Click the link below to purchase my favorites!

Carlson Wild Norwegian Cod Liver Oil 

Boiron Arnica Cream